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Breeding planned fall 2017!!!! 
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 Both parents DNA color profiled, health tested JHC CLEAR
 both carry BLUE!! 

DAM Molly
Molly's parents are from Hungary 
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As an FYI, be prepared to spend anywhere from $1500 to $2500 for a quality Shorty Bulldog, and do your research. There are as in any breed different levels of price and quality. Get the best bang for your buck when shopping for any new puppy. Look for consistency in a litter (they should all appear to be similar in head type and structure) the parents should have no excessive bend in their front ankles (weak or broken down pasterns) a relatively short back, and all feet should point forward when they are standing (not cow-hocked or eastie westie feet pointing out and away from each other) And you should consider the guarantee that comes with the puppy. Our Shorty Bull pups come with a 2 year guarantee against congenital defects that will shorten their life or cause serious health problems.Dont hesitate to call us or ask any questions. Any breeder that doesnt have time or happy to address your inquiry will most likely react the same when you have a problem.

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